Parrot AI: Capture, Transcribe, and Collaborate Seamlessly

Parrot AI is an innovative AI assistant that creates meeting summaries. The AI assistant intelligently captures and organizes conversational knowledge from various sources, preparing meeting summaries organized by topic and potential action items. This feature can help users do their best work with an AI thought partner by their side. Additionally, it can transcribe videoconferences and share recordings, notes, and important moments from online meetings, making it easy to access them anytime, anywhere.

How Parrot AI Works is an AI designed to capture and organize conversational knowledge from various sources. These sources include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and screen recordings. The AI assistant prepares meeting summaries organized by topic and potential action items.

It also offers an intuitive platform for seamless collaboration. Users can share projects, assign tasks, and collaborate with team members in real time, driving insights and efficiency. To maximize the experience, users can regularly update models with fresh data for improved accuracy.

Key Features and Benefits

It offers a wide range of features and benefits, making it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Natural Language Processing

One of the key features is its natural language processing (NLP) capability. This feature allows the platform to understand and interpret human language, making it easier to transcribe and analyze conversations accurately. The NLP capability also enables to generate meeting summaries organized by topic and potential action items, saving time and increasing productivity.

Meeting Capture and Transcription

This feature ensures that all important information is captured accurately, making it easier to review and share with team members who may have missed the meeting. The platform also offers a secure workspace for storing recorded content, making saving, searching, and sharing easy.

Robust Data Analysis Tools

It supports a wide array of data formats, ensuring compatibility with various datasets. It seamlessly handles structured and unstructured data, whether it’s CSV, Excel, JSON, or more. The platform also offers advanced analysis capabilities, providing valuable insights into the data.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

It makes it easy for teams to collaborate effectively by capturing and organizing conversational knowledge. The platform ensures that all team members have access to the same information, increasing transparency and reducing miscommunication. Additionally, its AI assistant can generate meeting summaries and action items, making it easier to follow up on tasks and stay on top of deadlines.

Use Cases of Parrot AI

The platform offers a range of use cases across different business activities, showcasing its versatility and value in enhancing productivity and communication.

Here are some of the primary use cases are below:

1. Business Meetings and Conferences

It can be a handy tool for capturing, transcribing, and securely storing important business experiences such as video conferences, presentations, or customer calls. The platform’s automatic transcription feature allows users to easily search and find specific moments in the conversation, making it easier to review key points and follow up on action items.

2. Customer Service and Support

It can help businesses improve customer service and support by capturing and organizing customer interactions, such as calls, chats, and emails. The platform’s AI-powered tools can automatically categorize and tag conversations based on their content, making it easier for support teams to quickly find relevant information and resolve customer issues. Additionally, it provides analytics and reporting features that provide insights into customer behaviour and preferences, helping businesses improve their products and services.

3. Sales and Marketing

It can also be used to enhance sales and marketing efforts by capturing and organizing customer interactions, such as sales calls and demos. The platform’s AI-powered tools can automatically identify key moments in the conversation, such as objections or questions, making it easier for sales teams to follow up with potential customers. Its analytics and reporting features also provide insights into customer behaviour and preferences, helping businesses tailor their sales and marketing strategies.


Parrot AI is a powerful tool for teams to capture and leverage conversational knowledge. Its strengths lie in its transcription and summary capabilities, integrations, and a strong commitment to security and privacy. It’s integrations with other tools, such as Slack and Trello, enhance its usefulness by allowing teams to seamlessly incorporate it into their existing workflows. Its strong commitment to security and privacy also makes it a reliable choice for businesses that handle sensitive information.

It’s limitations include occasional transcription inaccuracies and the lack of a dedicated mobile app. Despite these limitations, it remains a valuable asset for businesses seeking to improve their productivity and collaboration.

Pricing Plan


  • 5 hrs/mo of recordings
  • Zoom assistant
  • Google Meet assistant
  • Microsoft Teams assistant
  • Webex assistant
  • Zoom auto-download
  • Google Drive auto-download
  • Microsoft Teams auto-download
  • Webex auto-download
  • Screen capture
  • Full meeting transcript
  • Transcription of over 35 languages
  • AI meeting summaries
  • Proposed action items
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited sharing with others
  • Paste moments into pages
  • Unlimited editable pages
  • 5 AI Chat sessions
  • 5 transcript edits
  • Full search

Personal: $24/month

  • Everything in the free plan
  • Unlimited meeting assistant hours
  • Unlimited auto-download hours
  • 200 manual upload hours
  • AI Chat – ask questions
  • AI Chat – create content
  • Unlimited transcript edits
  • Extended screen capture

Team: $16 per user/month

  • Everything in the personal plan
  • Unlimited meeting assistant hours per user
  • Unlimited auto-download hrs/user
  • 100 hours manual upload hrs/user
  • Hours are pooled across team
  • Customizable meeting assistant image
  • Team management
  • Usage analytics